Coming off the back of her stellar debut album (‘Fear, Pride & a few Stubborn Angels’), which charted in the US on the “Americana Top 100” in 2014, Jen has been busy touring and earning the accolades that come with the hard work of being an Alt Country troubadour and letting authentic songs stand on their own two feet.

In April 2016, Jen brought 26 songs down to the central coast of New South Wales to record the 12 track album ‘Warnings & Wisdom’ with Aria, APRA & Golden Guitar winning producer & songwriter Shane Nicholson.

‘It was like being in the lair of a musical mad-scientist...’ said Mize ‘We had in-depth pre-production discussions (which were really fun, as we have a lot of the same taste in music), but once we had our direction I just stepped out of the way and let the man make his magic.’

Jen is openly pretty pleased with the results. ‘There is a ‘no fear’ attitude on the record. A kind of shout-it-from-a-mountain- top epic- ness about it... One that, I think, fits both where I am in my life, and the songs themselves.’

A descendant of the Lumbee Tribe of Native Americans, Mize hails from a family of Georgia cotton and North Carolina tobacco farmers, Appalachian moonshiners, and growers of what she likes to winkingly refer to as “questionable crops.”

‘Jen Mize is more than a great singer-songwriter... she’s a true artist. From the first time I heard her sing, she gripped my heart with raw honesty and deep soul.’ -John Walker, Music City Roots

‘The album contains lovingly crafted songs and can be filed alongside the likes of Lucinda Williams & Patty Griffin – fine company indeed.’ – Lachlan Bryan, Mint Magazine